Life in Europe 1945-1949

What was it like to live in postwar Europe?

The Decisions and Dilemmas Project Learning Team

Life in Europe

In this module, students find out about a life story from the time and then use the experience of the person they have studied as evidence to support themes relating to Europe 1945-49. They can then go on to research from evidence files to present on the topic of postwar Europe. In this activity your students will each study the life experience of a different person who lived in Europe in the period 1945-49. Students will then learn more about what life was like in Europe in these years from some textbook pages. They will suggest where their character’s experiences support what is written in the textbook pages and what Europe’s people needed to have a good life in the future. This central activity can be done in a lesson. There are also opportunities to extend the work to develop students’ source work skills and/or to enable them to investigate life in 1945-49 in more depth.